BMW M3 Sedan

We are back to BMW and M Performance. And this time I will tell you about BMW M3 Sedan, very aggressive, powerful, you can feel its presence, and you dream to have one.

When I look at this car, I see a 30 year old man, that has ambitions in his life, looking forward to the future. That’s what this car is telling me. I can’t stand the beauty of this little monster.

When you see these front lights at your back mirror, you understand that this car can’t be stopped, it’s tells you stay away and clear my way, you are not in my league.


You can notice that the last BMW cars has almost the same double grill design, and you know what I like it very much. It’s something that you cannot tell, there is something spiritual with the front of this car.

The light optics as always are very nice, it reminds me BMW M4 light optics, I like this almost hexagonal design of the LED lights. The bumper was designed according to aerodynamic considerations and it looks nice. If you ask me, I wouldn’t change this stock body kit. And of course you have the logo of M3.


The back side of the BMW M3 reminds me the BMW M4, but the trunk is a little bit higher than of the M4. Lights are very simple and just perfect, you don’t need more than that. Of course you have the the double exhaust system, which each has two exits, but when you notice every BMW M performance has this double exhaust system. And BMW didn’t forgot to attach the M3 logo over here either.


This car looks very aggressive, thanks to the front unique design and the double exhaust system behind. The 18” rims and the carbon ceramic M Performance brakes give this car a racing look.


Really about the external design I don’t have any bad comments, because I like what I see. I believe that all M3 enthusiasts feel that more than I, that this is a legend on 4 wheels. Of course some drivers prefer the BMW M5 Sedan, because it’s larger and there is more room at the back seats and so on, and I understand them.


BMW M3 has a twin turbo charged V6 3.0L engine with max power of 425HP, max torque of 550Nm at low RPM. If you want, you can have the M Competition package and the horsepower will increase to 444HP, and 20” rims will be installed.

Top speed is 250kph, I believe it’s electronically limited as always. The car has M suspension kit, Carbon Ceramic brakes. What most important it’s the 7 speed shift with double clutch gear box, if you want you can have the 6 manual speed shift gear box.

And who thought, the car drives 0-100kph in 3.9Sec, unbelievable result for a Sedan sports car.


What a car.. but I don’t know if I would have one, if I could afford it. Although the M3 Sedan is awesome to drive and it’s a great car, very fast and controllable, I will prefer the M4. Because when you want to have a sport car you imagine a coupe and not sedan. If I buy a BMW sedan I will prefer a simple BMW 3 series or BMW 5 series with the luxury package.


The interior is the same as in the M4, it has the same multimedia system which can be manipulated by the joystick. You can have leather color as you wish, and as I always say it’s very minimal design if you compare it to Mercedes Benz, there is nothing unnecessary in the interior.  Nice leather on the dashboard, M sport seats at front and so on.

As you see, it’s a great car, very fast and it has a unique style.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and drive carefully!!

Notice: I do not own these photos!!

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