BMW M4 Coupe

BMW M4 coupe.. I think that I said everything, and I can end writing just right here. And you know why I say so, because when you see this car you don’t want to talk about it, you just want to sit behind the wheel and just turn off the stabilization control and then drive and take over the world with this astonishing car.


This car is for young men who want to be the kings of the roads. That car has a character, a very specific character, it has a character of a young boy who goes against the rules of the world. I even don’t know to which car I can compare it, the C63 Class Coupe? You know what, I don’t want to compare it to any other car. I just will tell you what I like in this car.

Of course that I would like to have the M4 coupe in my garage, that’s for sure, but now it’s to much expensive for me. So I will keep driving my car.

So lets begin…

The first impression that you get from this car is aggression, power, breaking the rules of sports cars that we are used to here about or to see on the roads. I like very much the front- the double grill is large, the light optics are less and they have nice LED lines, the design for the Aerodynamics at the front bumper beautiful, I can’t say nothing else.


The 18” wheels are nice and is exactly for this car, I think that wheels larger than that are not for this car.


What BMW did here is taking an engine of V6 3.0 liter, with 2 turbines. Those turbines cause the engine to produce 550Nm at low RPM which gives a lot of boost and allows the car to reach 100kph in 4.1 Sec, and to reach max power of 430HP at high RPM.

The problem by the way, if you want to reach very high speed, you only will reach 250kph, because it is electronically limited.


So the back side of the car is very big, two double exhaust system which tell us that its an M sport BMW car, nice and simple back light optics, but eventually the back side of this car is very aggressive and monstrous.

By the way video bloggers checked the back seats, and even for tall people it’s very comfortable there. Of course that the driving experience you get from this car is enormous.

2015-bmw-x6-interior-from-passenger-sideThe interior in this car is exactly what is needed here, the is no need for other buttons and options, very stable wheel drive, a great multimedia system with its great joystick. Everything is in leather as supposed to be and expected to be. Nice work BMW. If you want to know disadvantages visit video bloggers on YouTube, they have what to say.

With that kind of car you can impress your friends, you can take your wife on a date to downtown. If you are not married or don’t have a girlfriend you can take your date with this car, but be aware of sugar daddies.


For the end, there is a tiny logo of “M”, to tell us and the whole world, that it’s not a simple 4 series BMW, but a car that comes towards us with great power to conquer the world!!

So this is it, I hope you enjoyed this post, and choose what most fits you, choose the car which you feel comfortable in it at all aspects!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.

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