Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Class

Incredible, powerful, fast, aggressive, F1 drivers like it very much, I am glad to introduce you to Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Class… I believe that how this car was introduced.

That car is amazing in almost every aspect, it’s very beautiful, it has a style, a style of a young successful manager or businessmen. Every side of this car was designed very carefully, the engineers and designers thought about every detail in this car. And in the end, they made a wonder named C63 AMG.

14c596_066 You can identify the C63 AMG by some details. The C63 AMG has a double line grill in front, it has a caption at the side of “V8 Turbo”, the aerodynamic inlets in front are typical only to C63 AMG, behind you can notice the caption of “C63″, the C63 AMG has a double exhaust system, while each system has two openings. The car has 18” rims which give the car a view of a racing car. The car is actually looks good in general, the design is awesome.


The technical stuff are very impressive for a sedan car, and you know what, it’s even more attractive then the American opponents, because this car is very stable at high speeds thanks to the stiff suspension and the 4matic AWD system, you can take turns at very high speeds. Think about taking this car in summer to the Alps, and then driving this car at the rough serpentine roads of the Alps at very high speeds. That’s crazy but amazing.


The American opponent cars are very tough to control, even at a straight line. And the German cars are not like this at all. But lets keep with the technical stuff. It has a 4.0L V8 Turbo engine, it produces 480HP at high RPM, 650Nm of Torque at low RPM thanks to the Twin Turbo device, and it drives 0-100kph in 4.1Sec, awesome result for a sedan car, unfortunately serial production C63 AMG cars have a limited top speed of 250kph. And it has a seven speed shift gear box, named the AMG SPEEDSHIFT.


But I want you to take a notice: who thought thirty years ago, that we will have these kind of cars. It’s really a dream. A sedan sport car that has those technical specifications. One word: AMAZING>

Light optics are very nice and stylish, at the front the LEDs line gives it a unique view, at the back the light optics are nice too, the red LED lights look like two long leaves.

It doesn’t have any spoiler, and it doesn’t need the spoiler. The car has a nice panoramic roof which can give more light at a sunny day.


The interior is elegant, it has leather as all luxury cars, no extra stuff, very minimal, that’s how a luxury port car has to be. It has very straight sewing lines, the leather is gentle.


The multimedia system is elegant and manipulated by the joystick and the pad, gentle, the panel and the dashboard are accurate and give a great feeling of a luxury car, on the wheel you can find alcantara. The front seats and the driving wheel are electrically manipulated, the front seats can be heated.


The rear seats are comfortable, there is plenty of room behind even for tall people. There are air conditioning openings for the people behind.


For the end, if you want some more extreme and more adrenaline, I recommend you to check out the C63s AMG Class. It has 500HP and 700 of torque, and it goes 0-100kph in 3.9Sec.

2016-mercedes-benz-amg-c63-badge-12-2015-cars-iiSo I hope you enjoyed this post, read more of Life by Yan!!

Notice: I do not own these pictures.

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