Audi S5 Coupe

Something makes me very enthusiastic about Audi Cars, when I see any Audi car, I imagine myself driving in this car, all Audi cars look aggressive, you can feel their presence, and the new design of 2015 year and so on is amazing. But in this post I will tell about the new design of 2017.

Audi S5 Coupe

There are advantages and disadvantages about those cars, lets remember that Audi belongs to Volkswagen, so they have the same engines and transmissions, though they call them in different names, all Stronics are the same as DSG and all TFSI are TSI, maybe there are some little modifications, but in total they have the same engines and transmissions.

Audi S5 Coupe

In this post I will tell about Audi S5 Coupe, because in this specific car I prefer the coupe model. This an amazing car, with great handling, great sportive look, very simple and nice interior and I think that this makes it special. I prefer to tell about the S5, because if I tell about the RS5 for example, everything will be obvious and boring.

Front View of Audi S5

 Just look at this monsterous front view!! Really there is nothing wrong with the front of the Audi S5. It has a great nickle grill, I love the bottom nickle line, it’s really amazing. The new design of the light optics is great, the LED lines are straight and sharp, right to the point and there are no bad comments about the light optics. It has great lines on the hood. And you can notice, that Audi designers made a great job, well done guys. It’s has an aggressive look, and it’s like a 25 year old man that wants to show everyone that he rules here. And of course on the grill you can find the logo S5, in order to show that it’s not a simple Audi A5 but S5.

Side View of Audi S5

I love the side view of Audi S5. You can notice that it’s a coupe because it has 2 doors. The side mirrors are beautifully designed with the aluminum instead of simple plastic. Look at the nickle frame of the side windows, it’s nice and simple and beautiful.  In my opinion because the car is long it has a great view from the side. The 19” rims are great, and you can easily notice of the sport breaks of Audi. You can see very clear the long line of the the car on the side, it starts at the front light optics and ends at the back light optics, and only the A5,S5 and RS5 has that line, and it tells us that the car goes with the flow while driving. By the way the shark fin is unnecessary here.

Back view of Audi S5

The back of Audi S5 isn’t less monsterous than the front. It has an aggressive look, and it tells us that guys if drive me you won’t regret. The back view is really amazing, I can watch and not get bored for hours. I like the the back light optics because they are very simple if you compare them to the new Mercedes Benz E class or C class, they are straight and have 90° angle that actually gives the a great an agrressive look. The back light optics are steched and thin comparing to the previous design and have an almost rectangle view. The exhaust system is nice, dual exhaust system, while every side has two outlets. There is a nice black diffuser, that gives the back view a sportish look. the bottom nickle line is awesome. And how can I forget the logo of S5 that tells everyone who drives behind: be careful I am an Audi S5.

The interior is very simple, right to the point and that makes it great. The seat are made of leather and they can be tuned electrically. By the way, you can notice that those are sport seats. You have nice multimedia system that is controlled with the joystick which is placed near to the gear shifter, and even the gear shifter is nicely designed with style. The dashboard is very simple, and you don’t need anything else, it has a minimal design, it doesn’t look too much luxurious and that’s good. The driving wheel is well designed and has the logo S5 on the bottom of it. And you can also notice the logo S or S5 on different places in the interior.

Audi S5 Engine

Audi S5 has a V6 3.0L supercharged TFSI engine that produces 354HP and 500Nm of torque. It’s a very powerful engine, the car can be tuned and it can produces more power, I believe that it can easily reach 500HP. This car has 7 speed shifts transmission- Stronic, it’s a robotic transmission and it’s the same as DSG7. I think that the DS7 is more successful than the DSG6, as you know the DSG6 had lots of problems and had to be replaced after 40,000 or 50,000km. Lets not forget that the car has the Quattro system that makes the car AWD. And of course the car goes 0-100kph in 4.7Sec and has a top electronically limited speed of 250kph, I think that for this engine it’s a great result,just think what will be the result if the car reaches 500HP, I think that it will be around 4.0Sec for sure. The Audi S5 has S sport suspensions and S sport breaks. By the way, the previous Audi S5 had 333HP and 440Nm of torque with a V6 3.0L supercharged TFSI engine.

In total, the engineers and designers did a great job, I enjoy very much when especially the engineers make a great and amazing job, well done guys, I hope you will keep doing that in the future.

So I hope you enjoyed my post and keep reading and following my posts!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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