BMW M135i xDrive

BMW offers two options of the M135i: 3 doors and 5 doors. I think that you don’t really need the 5 doors, because this car is for tracks, fun and short journeys, like the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG. So I will tell you about the 3 doors option. In general the car looks aggressive, powerful and the design tells us that this car is a sport car.

BMW M135i xDrive

I love the design of the M135i, as all BMW cars here we see almost the same lines, same front design, behind we have the M logo that tells us that this is an M performance car, awesome design, more aggressive than the A45 AMG for example.

BMW M135i xDrive

The front of the M135i is very aggressive and looks powerful, the double and traditional grill makes it very aggressive, the stretched light optics is better than the old ones and more beautiful, nice LED lines, long hood and the bottom nice black grill that allows the air to flow.

BMW M135i xDrive

The side vies is very astonishing, very beautifully stretched, very aggressive look, even the side mirrors are perfectly designed, I love the silver color of the side mirrors. You can notice of the very tiny spoiler, above you can the see the shark’s tiny fin, long doors, you even can notice the M logo near the door and the front wheel. The 18” rims look very simple but nice and that all. You can see the M brakes on the discs.

BMW M135i xDrive

The back of the M135i doesn’t look aggressive, it has double exhaust system that looks very simple, nice and stretched back red lights, if you remember the previous version has square back lights optics and there is nothing more to tell. In general it’s very simple and not aggressive at all.

2015 BMW M135i xDrive
BMW M135i xDrive interior
2015 BMW M135i xDrive
BMW M135i xDrive interior

The interior is nice and simple, no extra stuff that are not needed here, nice multimedia system that manipulated by the round joystick. I love the design of the wheel drive, very minimal design, light weight of the wheel drive, the console is very simple and easy to control and manipulate, nice seats, manual gear box, M logos are every where. Nice indeed.

BMW M135i xDrive engine

The M135i xDrive has 3.0L twin turbo charged engine with 6 cylinders in row. It produces max power of 326HP at high RPM and max torque of 450Nm at low RPM. It goes 0-100kph in 4.7Sec and the top speed is 250kph. The car weighs 1.59t Tons, and that’s why the acceleration is very high because the ratio of power to weight is very high. The car has M Sport brakes and M Sport adaptive suspensions. There is a start stop system that can be canceled when we choose sport regime.

BMW M135i xDrive

Summery: the car has a very aggressive design, it’s for fun and short journeys. It’s not convenient for families. The car is very enjoyable on track and that’s all.

So I hope you enjoyed my post and keep following my blog!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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