Mercedes Benz A45 AMG 4Matic

Mercedes Benz A45 AMG is a small hatchback, a sport car, very fast and it has the most powerful 2.0L engine. The A45 and all A class series are not convenient for long journeys  for families or groups of friends because in the back seats it’s not so comfortable and it has a little trunk.

Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse (W 176) 2015Mercedes-Benz A-Class (W 176
Mercedes Benz A45 AMG 4Matic

This car was designed for young people who want to go on a track, or drive to down town and want to show off or maybe go out for a short journey. Young couple can have this car and travel with this car. A young enthusiast of sport cars can take this car on a track and enjoy it.

The driving on this car is very stiff, even on the simple A180, A200 and A250, but very thrilling. It seems that driving this car is not so enjoyable, but wait until you sit behind the driving wheel.

Mercedes Benz A45 AMG 4Matic

On one hand the aerodynamic design on the front gives the car a look of an aggressive look, but on the other hand the front looks very cute and it reminds me a puppy that want to play with you. The front double line of the grill is very stylish and reminds us that it’s an AMG car, the light optics are nice and that’s all, I think that the light optics of C63 AMG look better. The LED lines are looking good at night and reminds us when we look at the back mirror that a Mercedes Benz car is behind us.

Mercedes Benz A45 AMG 4Matic

I love the profile look of this car, it’s awesome and causes the adrenaline to rush faster in my veins. The lines on the sides of this car go with the flow, the 18” rims are astonishing, the tiny spoiler is exactly what the car needs, from a an engineering sight of view it contributes not a lot to the grip and the aerodynamic stability, the spoiler is just for the aesthetics.

Fahrveranstaltung Mercedes-Benz die neue A Klasse und Mercedes-AMG A45 4MATIC / Dresden 2015
Mercedes Benz A45 AMG 4Mtic

The back of the car looks better than the front, it has double exhaust system, a black and aggressive diffuser at the bottom, the spoiler is nice and not too big as I said before, light optics are better than the front ones, although they remind me a frog eyes. In short, the back of the A45 AMG is gentle but more aggressive than the front. If you give me two options: Audi RS3 or A45 AMG I would rather choose the RS3.

Interior of A45 AMG 4Matic
Interior of A45 AMG 4Matic

In the interior you can find carbon, Alcantara, front racing seats, nice multimedia system with an 8” screen that is manipulated by a joystick. The driving wheel is very comfortable and has Alcantara on it. There are red safety belts that tell us that it’s a sport car. And we can see the AMG logo on the bottom of the wheel and on the seats, nice designed air conditioner openings. But if you sit behind you have to be careful with your head if you are very tall, and there won’t be enough room for your legs.

Mercedes Benz A45 AMG 4Matic Engine

The A45 AMG has a 2.0L turbo charged engine that is attached to AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7 SPEED gear box. The engine produces max power of 381HP at high RPM and 475Nm at low RPM. The car makes 0-100kph in 4.2Sec and has a top electronically limited speed of 250kph. The car weighs 1.5ton and that’s why the car is very fast although it has only 381HP, that’s not a very high power for a sport car comparing to other AMG cars, but the ratio of power no weight is very high. And of course it has the 4Matic system that makes the car AWD.

Mercedes-AMG A-Class (W 176) 2015

The A45 AMG 4Matic is a very fast, enjoyable on the track, more convenient for a young couple for journeys, the audience of this car are young people, this car is not for families. If you decide to have this car, you must have another car for your family or a more comfortable car for driving to work or meetings and so on, because the driving is very stiff and rough.

So I hope you enjoyed my post and keep following!!

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