Skoda Octavia RS MK3

Octavia RS, it seams that Skoda got into the motorsport, but let see if Skoda Octavia RS is really a sport car, or just a sedan car that has a 2.0L turbocharged engine and that’s it.

Skoda Octavia RS

I love the front of this car, it simple, not too much accessories, nice LED lines, nice top and bottom grills, and of course you can notice the RS logo. Light are simple and that’s all. If you look from a very far distance it looks like a simple Octavia, but when you get closer you notice that it’s Octavia RS. I can’t say that it has an aggressive look at the front, but on the other hand I can’t tell that it looks boring.

Skoda Octavia RS

The back of the car is the same as the simple Octavia, but there are three things that make the difference: the exhaust system, spoiler and the bottom, red line. By the way it’s a simple exhaust system, the nickles are for beauty only. The red line gives it a little bit of a sportish look, and the spoiler is just for marketing I think. But on the other way it doesn’t look boring. By the way the trunk of this car is monsterous, it’s so large that you can put there a refrigerator.

Skoda Octavia RS

The side of the car looks the same as the simple Octavia, but only the 18” rims make the difference, I love them and they look nice. There isn’t what to say more about the side of Octavia RS. At least Skoda thought to make black finishing for the side mirrors.

Skoda Octavia RS Interior
Skoda Octavia RS Interior

The interior is awesome, simple, nice, very sportish and to the point, It has nice designed sport seats, the dashboard reminds me the Golf’s dashboard(don’t forget Skoda belongs to the VW concern). Nice gear shifter, very comfortable wheel drive with the RS logo at the bottom, outputs of the air conditioning are nicely designed and they are very elegant. The multimedia touch screen is very large and the sensor react well. I think that this car has a nice designed interior, not too fancy, but has good quality interior to it’s level.

Skoda Octavia RS engine

The Octavia RS has 2.0L TSI turbocharged engine with DSG6 speed shifts robotic dual clutch transmission. It produces 220 HP at high RPM and 350Nm at low RPM, and Octavia RS goes 0-100kph in 6.9Sec. I think that with much more work and investment Skoda could exclude even 280HP from this engine, because its the same engine that is placed in the Golf R that has 300HP and Seat Leon Cupra that has 280HP. It has a sport chassis, sport brakes, stiff sport suspension. Nice technical specifications for a sedan car.


So this is a start for skoda, a good start, there more job to do, more engines to improve, because we know the capability of these engines. Great work, skoda, but keep working.

So I hope you enjoyed my post about the Skoda Octavia RS, and keep following me!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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