Volkswagen Golf R MK7

Volkswagen Golf R MK7 is an interesting car. I don’t see the Golf R a lot, but I see mostly the Golf GTI. I think the reason is that the guys who love these cars don’t have enough money to buy Golf R so they buy the Gold GTI, and the guys who have enough money to buy Golf R, they buy other cars like Audi RS3, Mercedes Benz A45 AMG and so on.

Volkswagen Golf R MK7

I don’t think that RS3 and the A45 AMG are the opponents of the Golf R. I think that Audi S3 is an opponent to this car, by the way they have the same 2.0L TSI/TFSI turbo charged engine and the same transmission DSG6/Stronic6. Another important opponent that I almost forgot to tell you about is the Seat Leon Cupra and both cars share the same engine and transmission either.

Volkswagen Golf R MK7

 I think that since the 6th generation the Golf looked great, before that you could tell that it looks very simple and nice. But when the 6th was produced and then purchased we could see that there was a change, and the Volkswagen designers understood that they must give the drivers a very good design, and when I saw the new Golf, the 7th generation I was amazed by this design that look very agrressive.

Front view of the Volkswagen Golf R MK7

The front of this car is very agrressive and it has a sharp view. As I told I think that this design is a successive design. The light optics are great, you can see the square LED lines and the bottom LED line, the bottom of the bumper is great, it has a nice black grill and the bottom line looks awesome. The middle grill looks simple and that’s OK, you don’t need too much luxury here, because it’s not necessary here. You can notice the nickle line in the middle and that contributes to the sportive look of the Golf R. And of course you can notice the logo R that tells us that this Golf isn’t a simple Golf but we have here a sport model of the Golf.

Side view of the Volkswagen Golf R MK7

The side view of the Golf R isn’t less aggressive and great than the front view. You can see the great lines on the top of the doors and at the bottom. On the side near the doors you can notice the logo R. The side mirrors are nicely designed, and I love when they have Aluminum on it, it looks awesome, for example the Audi S3 and RS3 has the same design with the Aluminum. And how can I forget the 19” rims that look so large and great that leave me speechless. Here you can notice that this Golf R has 3 doors, and it looks nice. I think that the 5 doors Golf R looks great too, and if you plan to transport your family with this car so you shall buy the 5 doors Golf R.

Back view of the Golf R MK7

The back view of the Golf R is awesome and nothing less. The light optics are awesome, you can notice that the design that we saw at the new Audi S3 was used here too, and I mean that the back light optics are more stretched and thin than the light optics of the Golf R MK6. The bumper is very simple, the diffuser is simply designed, but the exhaust system contributes some aggressiveness to this back view with its dual exits while each exit has two outputs. You an see the little spoiler the the top that contributes to the beauty of this car and of course you can notice the logo R that tells everyone who drives behind that this is a Golf R and not a simple Golf R.

I like the design of the interior of the Golf R, even the simple Golf TSI has a nice interior design and that what it makes it special. Of course if I compare it to the A45, S3 or RS3 interior designs there isn’t what to say because the Mercedes Benz and Audi wins, their design is better and more exclusive. But as I said I think that the design of the Golf R is very special. The seats are made of leather and they look and feel sportive, there is a nice multimedia system with a 6.5” touch screen, you will have a climate control and other great stuff that I won’t tell about them in this post. As you noticed I like to tell about the design and the mechanical stuff. The dashboard is greatly designed and the central console is great with high quality materials. The whole interior is made of high quality material. The wheel drive is awesome, with the logo R, I like the bottom cut off that makes it a sportive wheel drive. The gear shifter is nice and comfortable to control. By the way if you want you can have the Discover Pro Navigation system in addition.

Volkswagen Golf R MK7 Engine

The Golf R MK7 has a 2.0L TSI turbocharged engine that produces max power of 300HP and max torque of 380Nm/280lb-ft. This car goes 0-100kph in 4.9Sec, and that’s a fantastic result when you think that you actually drive Volkswagen Golf, but not a simple Golf. You will have sport breaks and sport suspensions in this Golf R that makes the driving very dynamic and full of adrenaline. By the way lets not forget that this car has AWD, and that’s amazing because when the car launches it troughs you forward as a bullet from a shotgun. Of course the AWD system makes the car very stable on the road at any speed and almost at any trajectory conditions. The car has 6 speed shift robotic transmission with a dual clutch named DSG6, some say it’s a good transmission and some say it’s not reliable transmission. What I know that a simple automatic transmission is more reliable than this one.

Here are some more views of the Golf R MK7 that you can look at and can be impressed by it’s simplicity that makes it a great car. You can notice the 3 and 5 doors versions.

By the way here are some other views of the interior, and you can see that you can have even an alcantara on your seats. I believe that this material is an alcantara, if I am mistaken so correct me.

Bright seats option of the Volkswagen Golf R MK7
Alcantara seats option of the Volkswagen Golf R MK7

Here is another option of the seats. The seats here are made of leather too.

And for the end, I found some interesting design of the Golf R MK7 that is called Golf R Touch. Here you can impressed by the views of the exterior and interior of this car. What I noticed is that the touch screen is monsterous and enormous, it’s so large that I left speechless.

So I hope you enjoyed my post and keep following my site!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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