Lexus RC200t

I love everything that is connected to the Toyota concern, because the cars are very reliable. Take for example the test that Top Gear did on the Toyota Hilux, no matter what they did to the car eventually the car started and you could drive it. But when you are talking about sport cars and luxury and still you don’t won’t to leave this brand you can move to Lexus. And there always will be a place in my heart for Toyota and Lexus.

Lexus RC200t

And as you understand I am going to tell you about a very unique car, a special car, that I admire very much. It is called Lexus RC200t. It’s a sport coupe car with 2.0L turbo charged engine and it looks fantastic. The car is very dynamic and has rear wheel drive and therefore it can be drifted. The design of this car is amazing, it’s very sharp and sportive, I don’t know what disadvantage this car has. The Japanese designers always knew how to design a sport car, and still they do a great job.

Lexus RC200t Front

I love the front, it looks amazing and very agrressive. The enormous front grill looks so powerful, I love this kind of grills, they look great. The front light optics are small a little bit but they are beautiful and they have this Japanese touch, the bottom LED lines are nice and sharp, the nickle line around the whole grill looks great, and of course the symbol of Lexus in the middle of the grill. All the lines are sharp, and all these tell us that we are standing in front of a crazy and young Japanese guy that wants to show off and he does it with a great success.

Lexus RC200t Side

As you see the side of this car is simple, but that’s what makes it great about this car. We see that we got a coupe car because of the two doors, but the upper line of this car starting the the front light optics and ending at the back light optics is very unique, it tells us that this car goes with flow. The hood is very long, and I love when a car has a long hood especially a coupe car. The design of the side mirror is very simple, nothing exclusive on the doors and that’s it. You can have 18” or 19” rims that contribute to the beauty of the side of this car. And that’s it.

Lexus RC200t Back

The back looks very agrressive, powerful and amazing. These back light optics are great, just superb, they are narrow and stretched a little bit, they are sharp, especially I love how the red light goes, it looks like a sharp L letter. The dual exhaust system is nicely designed, obviously it contributes to the beauty and aggressiveness of this car. You can notice the RC200t notation and the F Sport notation that tells that this car has an F Sport Package. About this package I will tell you later. You can notice a little diffuser at the bottom. And if I summarize it, it looks like a bombshell.

I think that I almost lost my words in order to describe and tell about the interior of the RC200t. you know what I have words: incredible, amazing, luxurious, sportive, stylish, awesome and so on. Really the designers did a great job in Japan. It looks so fantastic, the red leather seats that are sport seats, the driving wheel with the F logo on it. You got a nice multimedia system with a 7” screen that can be manipulated with the joystick on the middle console, that looks great though some of it made of plastic, but I can forgive Lexus about that. The speed shifter is nicely designed with leather. I love this classic little clock that tells you the time, by the way you can find this kind of clock in other luxury cars. The dashboard is nicely designed with some leather on it and the rest is plastic. The wheel drive is great and you can find the speed shifters behind it and you can use them if you choose manual driving regime.

The back seats are small and I don’t think somebody can really sit there, though little kids may feel comfortable over there, but this car is not for transporting your family, this car is for fun, taking it on the track, drifting with this car and so on.

Lexus RC200t Engine

Lexus RC200t has a 4 cylinder in row 2.0L turbocharged engine that produces 245HP at 5800RPM and 357Nm of torque at 1650-4400RPM, it’s actually has this high moment at low RPM what gives the car a very good boost at launching. It has an automatic 8 speed shifts transmission that was originally developed  and manufactured for Lexus RCF. The car has a rear wheel drive so can drift with this car. And of course you can have the F Sport package that includes the next features:

  1. Drive mode select: S,S+ and simple driving.
  2. Sportive and adaptive suspensions.
  3. Sportive seats that can be electrically manipulated.
  4. Sport driving wheel with logo F.
  5. Hand speed shifter with leather and the logo F.
  6. Front Grill with F Sport design.

So if you decide that you take this F package, you will get these 6 feature and lots of other great features that I didn’t mention. Of course this car offers some safety features, that you can check on the internet.

Here are some other great pictures of this car.

As you see you can have different colors of this car that actually looks amazing!!

So I hope you enjoyed my post about this great car, and keep following me!!

Notice: I do not own these pictures.


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