Land Rover – Rang Rover SVAutobiography

Will I have some day the amount of money to buy this car? Do I have the character to have this car? who knows.. maybe yes and maybe now.

Range Rover SVAutobiography

You can say that after 2 years this car will break and you can sell and buy another reliable car. But it’s luxury.. And who buys that car will buy the new SVAutobiography again in two years.

We know that Range Rover’s destination is off road and those cars were created to be driven in mud. But this unique Rang Rover is for showing your status, I think that most of the people who buy this car won’t take it to off road adventures at all. They will enjoy it in the city or in long travel journeys, and they will have a driver that will take them every where they will need to be.

Range Rover Autobiography Interior

So lets agree here about something: this car is a unique Range Rover for special people who has everything in their life and achieved everything in their life and they buy this car because they can buy this car.

This car has a character and all the heritage of Range Rover you will find in this car. Would I have it, if I had the budget? Yes I would have it.

Range Rover SVAutobiography Engine

It’s a very powerful car. It has a 5.0L V8 supercharged engine which produces 550HP and 625Nm of maximum torque, it accelerates very fast. It has bad breaks, but you can put other breaks that will do the job better than the original breaks. It accelerates 0-96kph in 5.1Sec and reaches top speed of 250kph if the car has 22” rims.

Range Rover SVAutobiography Interior
Range Rover SVAutobiography Interior

The car has a unique interior design and you can choose between: Ebony/Lunar, Espresso/Tan and Dark Cherry/Ivory. The car is an office on wheels for the owner of this car, and he will have the whole comfort he can get. He will have an exclusive rear console with little and adjusted tables on which you can put the Laptop or your journal. All seats are electrically controlled and they are very comfortable for long journeys. In the front interior you will find the 10.2 multimedia display, the graphics are old fashioned and I think that it’s a time to renew the display graphics.

Range Rover SVAutobiography Exterior
Range Rover SVAutobiography Exterior
Range Rover SVAutobiography Exterior
Range Rover SVAutobiography Exterior

The exterior design of the car remains the same for decades. Of course now it looks very modern and very beautiful, but the lines remain the same. I think that the new design of this car is great. This car is very beautiful, I always thought that it’s a beautiful car, and I am not only talking about the SVAutobiography. All the square shapes and straight lines are perfectly designed and straight to the point.

You can find every where the logo SV or SVAutobiography that tells us and the surrounding people that it’s a very special and unique car for really rich and successful people that have everything in their life.

Here is another color of the SVAutobiography.

Range Rover SVAutobiography Red Color Exterior
Range Rover SVAutobiography Red Color Exterior

I was glad to tell you what I think about this car. This is an amazing car that will fascinate everyone around it. This car is a legend and it has a charm on the surrounding people. This is Land Rover- Range Rover SVAutobiography.

Thank you for reading this post, keep following me and see you soon in the next post!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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