Audi Q2

Audi has been introducing the Q2 for a while and it was interesting to see a new car of Audi. But what actually is new in Q2. Does it differ from the Q3, or it’s a high A3? Yes it’s interesting to see new design, but it’s only the exterior. Audi made a new SUV or crossover that has a new exterior design but if you see the interior it looks like the A3. I didn’t drove this car, I just tell you what I see on Audi Web Site.

Would I buy it for my self? Only the 2.0L TFSI turbo charged engine with the quattro system. But if I really think about it, that this car is more appropriate for women, recently women like SUVs and I think that this is a good choice.

Buy the way, after checking on Audi Web Site, I saw that it differs from Audi Q3 only by interior and exterior, but the mechanical specifications are the same: same engines, same MQB platform.I think that Audi just created this car in order to make more people to buy this brand. This car will be more affordable especially in Europe and USA, if this car is going to be on the USA market.

Audi tried here to make a new car that supposed to be different from the other Audi cars and they called it untaggable, because we supposed to be unable to describe it. But only by examining the design and the mechanical characteristics we understand that it’s not a really a different car. Yes it’s a new car, but not so different.

So lets begin to examine the exterior design. As we see Audi designers made a good job and they delivered the customers a new design. But we still recognize the familiar lines of Audi. I think that Audi took the A3  and changed the exterior and made it higher. As I told, Audi want more customers and I think that it will do the job.

The front is aggressive as usual, the car looks like a young  and enthusiastic man that always wants to make progress in his life and aims to be first and the best. What I like about the front is especially the large grill, it’s enormous and it makes it very beautiful. The light optics are very stylish and well designed according to the new trend of Audi that I noticed, they make straight and sharp lines in the light optics and I like it very much. You can have led light optics and simple halogen light optics. For example in the UK there are some trim levels of this car: SE, Sport, S line and Edition #1. What you see on the photos below is the Edition #1. Here you can enter the link of trim levels and check it.

The side view is beautiful and very sportish, and here we also see the familiar lines of Audi and we also recognize here the structure of Audi A3 Sportback. You can enter my review on the Audi S3 Sportback and see that they have the same structure. At this specific Edition #1, I like the 19” rims that look like a bombshell, if you can recognize they are the same stock rims of the Audi S3 and RS3. And about the color, I love especially three colors white, blue and grey. Here for example I think that the grey and blue colors are the best options.

The back of this car is very cute and simple, it’s not aggressive in total, some people won’t like it, because they would expect an agrressive look. I think that it’s very neutral look. I don’t why but it reminds me the back of Mercedes Benz A series, tell me if I am right or wrong. What I really like is the exhaust exit, this dual exit of the exhaust system is really nice.

The interior reminds me the S3 or A3 design. You can have sport seats or simple seats, you can have a sport drive wheel or a simple one, if you take the S line option so you will have sport interior design. You have a nice dashboard made of good material and so on. There isn’t really much to say, you can check on my review of the Audi S3 Sportback.

The Audi Q2 has some versions of the engine with 6 speed manual or 7 speed S tronic (DSG) transmission:

  • 1.0L TFSI with max power of 116HP and 200Nm of max torque, it makes 0-100kph in 10.1Sec and reaches top speed of 195kph.
  • 1.4L TFSI with max power of 150HP and 250Nm of max torque, it makes 0-100kph in 8.5Sec and reaches top speed of 210kph.
  • 1.6L TDI with max power of 116HP and 250Nm of max torque, it makes 0-100kph in 10.3Sec and reaches top speed of 195kph.
  • 2.0L TDI quattro with max power of 150HP and 340Nm of max torque, it makes 0-100kph in 8.1Sec and reaches top speed of 210kph.

I hope in the near future they will sell the 2.0L TFSI engine also. It has a max power of 190HP and 320Nm of max torque, it will make 0-100kph in 6.8Sec and will reach a top speed of 220kph. I really searched if there any country or state offers this engine, and I saw that for now they don’t offer this engine in the Q2. But if they do it, it will be a monsterous SUV that more people will buy.

In total the car doesn’t offer new mechanical specification, it reminds me the a high A3, but it will be less expensive than the Q3, and the car looks cool. I think that in total this car will be a good seller, because as always the most customers are not experts and they will love this car.

So this is the end of my post, I hope you like it. And thanks for reading that post. So follow my blog and read my post, leave any comment if you have any. And I remind you I didn’t drive any car in my post, I just express what I have in my mind. I will happy if any agency will give me a car for a test drive. I am a car enthusiast and that’s my hobby.

So thank you again, and see you in the next post.

Photos: all credits to Audi Site.


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