Lexus CT200h |Luxury | Economy

Who buys this kind of a car that belongs to a specific class is probably a very successful employee in a successful company. The point is that were I live this the price of this car is about 40,000 Euros, and you can understand that in other countries I could buy a higher class.

This car is not for aggressors, this car is not for enthusiasts. This car is for specific kind of people that look for luxury, and people who search to economize. Though this kind of a person will have a good job and can afford for him self luxury stuff, he will reconsider how to spend his budget, and that’s why he will buy this car.

I love very much the Toyota concern, they produce really good and reliable cars. And if you consider to purchase a sport car, agrressive car or a luxury car I think that Lexus is a good choice. I am not trying to convince you to buy Lexus, it’s been my opinion for a long time. Though people who buy luxury cars don’t even think about money, they have enough to buy another one after two years of using the their  present car.

Lexus CT200h

I won’t say that the front of this car looks agrressive, but on the other side it looks very beautiful and you feel the luxury. I like very much the light optics that have LED day lights, and if you take the F Sport design, it will look like a bombshell, because the grill is enormous and looks great. I love very much the lines of this car that remind us that this car belongs to Japanese concern. This is a really beautiful car. Maybe the grill of the F Sport design gives the car a little bit of aggressiveness.

Lexus CT200h F Sport Front View

And here is the basic design of the front.

Lexus CT200h Front View

As you can see the side view of this car looks great, and there is a touch of sport in this car, especially with these 17” rims that make this car look better and give the car sportish look. This hatchback looks great and here you can see the F Sport spoiler that makes the view even better. The lines are simple, nothing agrressive again. The side mirror looks simple. And that’s it.

Lexus CT200h Side View

The back of this car is very simple, nothing agrressive can be seen here. Though the light optics are nicely design, the light optics are beautiful and I like them very much. But nothing more, I can’t tell anything more about the back view of this car. What can you tell about this hatchback, nothing more I think.

Lexus CT200h Back View

The interior design is great, and you have lots of options. You can choose fabric seats, leather seat, red leather seats and what ever you wish for. You have some levels of this car. I am not going to tell you about those levels, you can find it by yourself on Lexus site. But everything depends on the level you choose. If you choose the standard level, so you will have standard seats with fabric clothe, and if you choose for example the F Sport level you can have sport seats with red leather. I like very much the 7” multimedia screen, that looks great. Nice wheel drive in leather. You will have climate control and cruise control. And you can feel the

Lexus CT200h Interior

The mechanical characteristics or technical specifications are simple and belong to the mid level cars. You expect to have really powerful car, but it’s not what you will have if you purchase this car. As I said this car doesn’t behave aggressively and it’s not for aggressors. It’s not a sport car, though they offer a an F Sport level, yes it will have suspensions of F Sport, and an exterior and interior F Sport, but it won’t behave like an F Sport performance car. This car has an hybrid motor, a combination of a VVT-i 1.8L petrol engine with 4 cylinders in row that produces max power of 99HP and 142 of max torque, and an electrical motor that produces 82HP and 207Nm of max torque, this gives the car a combined max power of 136HP. This car goes 0-100kph in 10.3Sec and has 180kph top speed. This car won’t consume too much petrol and you will enjoy driving this car. This car has has 4 modes of driving EV MODE, ECO, NORMAL and SPORT. You can enter the Lexus site and read about it. I think that you will use ECO and NORMAL.

Lexus CT200h Engine

Here are some other photos of this car that you can look at and be impressed by them.

So if you look for a luxury car, and you think that you are a successful employee and have a wonderful career, it’s the time to have this luxurious car that you will enjoy driving. It will be a smooth and quiet driving. And I remind you it won’t give you aggressive feelings.

I hope you enjoyed my post about Lexus CT200h. I didn’t drive this car, I just write what I think about it. So thank you for reading and following.

Photos: all credit to Lexus Europe Website.


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