Toyota | Land Cruiser Prado | Off Road Legend

When I think about off road, I have in mind one and only car – Land Cruiser Prado. As a kid I always dreamed about this car, it was my goal in life and it’s still my goal. This car is a pure off road legend, every place where you go off road, you will see a Land Cruiser, maybe Land Cruiser 100 or 200 and of course the topic of this post the Land Cruiser Prado.

Land Cruiser Prado

This car shows the power of Toyota. This car will drive every where, mud, snow, water, sand and what ever you think of. Maybe I have a subjective opinion, because I like that Auto Brand, and I think that today there isn’t any reliable car than Toyota or other brand that belongs to Toyota.

Land Cruiser Prado

When you drive the Land Cruiser, you know that you are the king of the world, you see everything from above and everyone on the road respects you. The only car that is ranked by me above Land cruiser Prado is the Land Cruiser 200. And the Land Cruiser 200 is all mighty gad of off road cars.

Land Cruiser Prado

The Land Cruiser Prado is a very unique car, it doesn’t have competitors. Yes some people can say that the G class, Discoveries, Range Rovers, Defenders, Pajeros and so on are real competitors of the Land Cruiser. You know what maybe the Pajero has almost the same capabilities as the Land Cruiser Prado. But still I think that there isn’t a car that drives like the Land Cruiser.

The goal of this car is off road only, it wasn’t developed and produced for roads only. You buy this car only for off road and that’s it.

Land Cruiser Prado

The Land Cruiser Prado is undisputed and can’t be defeated by other off road cars. This car is for real men and when I will have this car and I will have in the future, I will use it off road, on long journeys, everyday use and where ever I can take it.

Land Cruiser Prado

Let us not forget that this car is not a racing car. It can be modified for Rally, but the stock car is not for racing. The owner of this car won’t be hurry for anywhere, the owner of this car will have so much free time that nothing will bother him. He will drive this car and enjoy this legend every moment.

The exterior design is very conservative and agrresive, the car has a square shape and straight lines as all off road automobiles have. Some people will be afraid to drive this car because it’s a large car, and most of the people like small or mid size cars. I like very much the front grill, it’s very large  and you can recognize immediately the Land Cruiser from a distance by it’s large and beautiful front grill. Light optics are nice too and the new restyling is nice.

The side view of this car has remained the same for a decade or so, yes there was some changes, but in total it remained the same. When you see the Land Cruiser Prado from the side and you know that you are going to drive it, you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins. There isn’t too much to tell about the side view but only to look and be impressed of the size of this car and the power that this car shows by it’s presence.

The back of this car is very simple, conservative and big. The light optics are simple but large enough that the drivers behind you will see the back light optics. And of course I like the spoiler that gives the car a sportish look. The side mirrors are very big and everything behind you and on the sides behind you will be clear enough.

On one hand the interior looks simple but on the other hand it looks luxuries. You have seats in leather, you have wood on the panels and the dashboard, you have wood on the wheel drive with the logo of Toyota on it. I didn’t drive it’ but I sat on the seat near to the driver and believe it’s very comfortable. I even sat in the Lexus GX, which is actually has the same platform the Land Cruiser Prado, and you really feel like a king and it’s very comfortable.

Land Cruiser Variations
  1. Petrol engine 2.7L Dual VVT-i with 5 speed manual transmission that produces max power of 166HP and max torque of 246Nm.
  2. Petrol engine 2.7L Dual VVT-i with 6 speed automatic transmission that produces max power of 166HP and max torque of 246Nm.
  3. Diesel engine 2.8L D-4D with 6 speed automatic transmission that produces max power of 177HP and max torque of 450Nm.
  4. Petrol engine 4.0L V6 Dual VVT-i with 6 speed automatic transmission that produces max power of 281HP and max torque of 387Nm.

Here you can be impressed by more photos of this great car:

I hope you enjoyed my post about this car. I didn’t drive this car, but I will be glad to drive, and even more happy if Toyota team will read this post and give me to test this car.

So thank you very much and keep following and reading my posts.

Photos: all credits to Toyota Europe Website and Toyota Russia Website.


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